Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spearfishing: Take 2

I'll get you my pretties...

This past weekend Amy and I were joined by our Aussie (pronounced "Ozzie" as we have been repeatedly corrected) friend James for a spearfishing expedition. We went back out to Long Reef to avenge my previous loss there versus the resident fish.

We were encouraged by the sight of a dozen or so other spearfishers either entering or exiting the water when we pulled into the parking lot, assuring us that we were at least in the right spot. The fact that these people weren't walking out with any fish was the least of our concerns. Clearly they were doing it wrong.

We suited up, strapped on our knives, snorkels and fins and headed out along the headland.

We swam along the reef, seeing many, many fish but few that were big enough to eat. We took a few potshots at the larger wrasse that we spotted but the bastards would simply not stay still long enough to be impaled. Towards the end of the swim, Amy frantically called me over with the gun as she had spotted a big boy, just lying in some seaweed. Dark thoughts flashed through my mind and I could taste this fish, would be fantastic pan fried or maybe grilled....
I dove down a few feet away from the fish and swam/crept up to it. It got spooked and slowly started swimming away. But not fast enough!!!! I took aim and fired, (STOP READING NOW IF you have a weak stomach) spearing him through the stomach. This the fish apparently did not like as he swam hard enough away to tear the spear out of his belly. He darted into a cleft and Amy and I were left dumbfounded, staring at pieces of floating intestine. So although we didn't catch any fish, we at minimum killed one to show them that we mean business.

The view from the water


Beyond that, we saw lots of fish and coral and it was a great way to spend an afternoon. It culminated in Amy and James seeing a five foot wobbegong shark on their way back to shore and me beginning to devise increasingly coyote-esque schemes to catch dinner. Needless to say, the Acme brand Rocket Speargun is on the way.


  1. I do not like being called a follower – so I will be a reader. Is there a way to get an alert to when you update your blog? I do not want to waste my valuable time searching here to see if you updated or not. I tried to use the spear once before but the guy at the counter told me never to bring it in the store again. Since that time I am no longer allowed near the lobster tank, which is weird because I wasn’t going to spear a lobster. That would be silly, it'd be like taking a lobster trap to catch a greased up pig.

  2. Outstanding! Fish will tell stories of you around the campfire to scare each other for generations.

  3. Nice, you guys showed those pesky fish.

    Should have killed the webbegong 4 its camo & 4 fish and chips.

    Sounds like u guys r having fun down there.