Monday, April 19, 2010

Next big thing: Beachball Jousting

Shred it, sister.

We lucked out again this past weekend with beautiful weather and made the most out of it with lots of fun stuff packed in.

We kicked things off with the Volcom Surfing Competition down the beach. It was a youth competition and the kids were running all over the place. The waves and weather weren't exactly cooperating on Friday but things picked up for the finals on Saturday.

To the victor go the spoils...

There was a bit of a carvival atmosphere (no carnies though) with lots of families and kids running all over the place. Volcom, the hosting sponsor had games set up and was giving away swag all day. The games were creative, to say the least. They included a pineapple chucking contest and some kind of extreme mini golf. All of this was going on while the contest was underway so if the competition got boring, the announces would stoke up the crowd with the games, etc. The best however was being played by a large group of kids and this actually had a more people cheering than the surfers did.

Gilligan's Island on the left was really jealous

Bombs away

The kids had gotten their hands on some large beach balls that were either part of the scenery or were given away and were taking turns sprinting at eachother and crashing, like the knightly jousters of yore. Words are inadequate to explain the hilarity that ensued:

On top of all this fun, we squeezed in some time for a surf of our own, followed by a body surf and then wrapped up with a barbecue which we hosted. Lamb, salmon, and many, many beers were enjoyed by all. This was topped off by a delicious homemade tiramisu, courtesy of Delia.

We also celebrated our mate Ian's birthday at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel in Sydney, an event which was so much fun as to make the next day bright, loud, and painful for all those involved. Happy birthday, mate.

Sunday's sunset


  1. Hi Chris and Amy! I love the blog. I especially love reading it at work in place of doing work : )

  2. WOW!!! I am green with envy reading all the fun adventures you are having, the new people you are meeting and the great food you are eating...please keep writing and sending is so-o-o-o-o-o much fun being part of your live "DownUnder".

  3. LC: stopping people from doing work is what this is all about.

    Auntie: We will keep up the good fight, thanks!

  4. Hey, I just noticed you called me "LC", this is Lauren Strong! (Good Lauren)