Monday, August 23, 2010

A new age of piracy dawns.....

This weekend Amy and I signed the contract for our boat share and now own 1/12 of this sweet boat.

Rest assured that we got the good 1/12 of the boat, we wouldn't even talk about buying the crappy, smelly parts.

The boat is located about 40 minutes away on the Hawksbury River:

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Coming soon we are going to be skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and fishing and it will be awesome. The boat comes with all the gear for these activities as well as a built-in cooler, torpedoes, mines, and a submarine mode.

Chris' driving strategy: go faster in all cases

Amy' driving strategy: do not let Chris drive in any case

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheap Flight of the Week

Looking to escape the blazing heatwaves currently striking the USA?

Always wondered what a prison colony looks like?

Ready to knock one more thing off that bucket list?

Come to Australia!!!

The Cheap Flight of the Week is $928

Come get some.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fishing Victory

And tell your friends that they're next

On our most recent fishing expedition, we had the shocking divergence from our normal failure by actually catching an edible fish! It was a Flathead, landed by James and we could not contain our disbelief at this boon. We took it back home and fried it up. It was thankfully delicious enough to justify further fishing ventures.

The end result of our feast. Mmmmmmmm.

The next day, I went out with James to try out the rocks between Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches. This was a significantly less successful venture. We basically took turns throwing bait and tackle directly into the ocean’s laughing maw as we got snagged again and again immediately after casting our lines. It was a nice place to have a beer at least.

Then, after we had given up hope at our own success, something strange and serendipitous happened. We struck up a chat with an equally frustrated fisherman that was a little ways down the rocks from us. As it turned out, he had recently moved to Queenscliff – into Amy and my old apartment. After we realized this, he said that he remembered me from when he was shown the apartment. He even recalled that we had just gotten back from Vanuatu. How random is that? Anyways, after he expressed an equal level of frustration at the futility of continuing fishing at this spot, he offered to drive us to a spot of our choosing to continue fishing – we were in no condition to drive ourselves.

Sunset at the Spit Bridge

We ventured onward to our spot from the previous weekend – the Manly spit bridge where we finished up our fishing for the day under the setting sun.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A weekend of new things

Fishing by the Manly Spit Bridge

This weekend was a momentous one for us as we had 2 new things enter our lives.

The first is probably the most important as it will be the most impactful on our relative existences. The with the assistance of a licensed plumber and a stonemason, the kegerator has been completed. Shortly after completion, it was enjoyed by all. Much jubilation ensued.

Although you can't see them in the picture, there are angels overhead playing trumpets

The second new thing was we enlisted our local Aussie guide, James to help us pick out fishing poles and tried our fishing here in Australia for the first time. As we snagged our lined and lost our hooks, James played the part of "Dad," explaining what we were doing wrong and fixing our problems. We ended up catching 5 fish total (4 for Chris, 1 for Amy), although none that we could ea. Still, this is a marked improvement over our spearing ventures.

Between beers

Amy's Bream, exactly to scale

One more fish before sunset

And one more time for those of you that are on the fence about whether to come visit or not:

Your beer is waiting....