Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't trust anyone over 30

The boys, hard at work

Amy and I recently started the great downward decline towards senility and retirement this month when we both turned 30 years old.

Picnic on the beach

It's all pretty much over.

We celebrated the occasion by hosting a barbecue on the beautiful Shelly Beach.

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We had a beautiful day for it and there was even a shark that made an appearance off shore. For some reason, one of the other beach-goers called the cops.

The cops showed but no arrests were made.

Preparing for the kill

We topped of the day with cake and a pinata. Most of our non-US friends knew what a pinata was from TV and movies but had never had one at a party. What terrible childhoods they must have had.

As a great sage once said:

Don't trust anyone over 30.

Sunset over Manly

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Much Santa

Santa and two beers

So it's been a bit odd getting ready for the holidays as the weather gets warmer. We have compensated by putting Christmas ornaments on the palm trees in our apartment and being extra good in case Australian Santa is as vigilant as the one we are used to.

There must be a lot of beer at the North Pole

This past weekend, we got into the Christmas mood by going out for the Manly Santa Pub Crawl and it was AWESOME.

Yes, SuperSanta made an appearance

Probably around a thousand people get dressed up in the holiday theme and go out to the bars in Manly. We drank amongst reindeer, xmas trees, angels, elves, and of course Santas.

All I want for Christmas is for this guy to not take that box off

It was disorienting walking into a bar, looking for your friends and all you can see are santa hats (or bellies, depending on relative heights).

It was a great way to drink our way around town as well as get into the holiday swing. Early to Merry Xmas to everyone!

Beer helps Santa get through the winter nights