Sunday, February 6, 2011

Visitor #1: James Legrand - Part 2

James with a frosty one

One of the other adventures we took James on while he was with us was to take a local SCUBA dive. We were originally supposed to do a wreck dive up the coast but due to rough conditions brought on by a strong southerly swell, we were rescheduled to dive the Queenscliff Bombura (which I have written about here) and North Head, which is the northern arm at the entrance to Sydney Harbor.

North Head:

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The diving was good and we saw lots of fish including Morwongs, cuttlefish, wobbegong sharks, leatherjackets, blue groper, snapper, and puffer fish. It was also cool to dive the Bombie, something I have seen the effect of on the surface but never been able to investigate the cause of that massive wave. It was amazing to see so much sea live just minutes from where we live. You can see Manly in the video which was taken from the boat.

James flashing the "Still Not Drowning" signal

About to go under at North Head

During the surface interval between dives, we were treated to watching the coast guard doing training of helicopter rescues. That was pretty cool.