Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Kingfish are back!!!!

With the weather warming up, the kingfish have begun returning to Sydney's waters promising exciting fishing and delicious eating for the coming months.

Kingfish in hand, couldn't be happier

Amy and I were out this past Saturday with our friends James and Debs, doing battle with the children of mighty Poseidon.  We had our 2 boats out and have recently been exploring some of the hidden coves and beaches accessible only by boat in the harbour.  Trying to find that perfect beach to relax on all by ourselves come summertime.

After some bombing around, we settled in to fish our usual spot and after a while of catching small trevally and snapper, a monster struck my rod, bending it over the side of the boat and pulling us out of our tranquil state.  The fish was strong enough to actually move the boat itself.

65cm beast = sushi + dinner for 5
After a short battle, Amy had the fish in the net and it was what we had been waiting for all winter long, the first legal-sized kingfish (they have to be 65 centimeters or greater and can grow to well over a meter)!!!

After a short time trying to find his brothers and sisters, we packed up and headed home with big plans for our new friend.

Sunset on the Queenscliff rocks, I am holding the tray of sushi
Rice was boiled and we made part of him into sushi, which we brought down to the rocks where we had agreed to meet up with our mates to have a beer and watch the sun go down.  While we were out there, we potted a pod of dolphins who began to actually surf the waves that were breaking on the beach.  It was a sublime moment.  I don't have pictures of this but will remember the sight for a long, long time.

However in case you are saying, "yeah....right", here is some video from youtube to prove that dolphins actually do surf:

Then, it was back to our place for some kingfish tacos which were thoroughly enjoyed by all and washed down with the English Nut Brown Ale that we have on tap currently.  In addition to the usual avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, etc we had home made tortillas and the green sauce from Sophie's in NYC.  To anyone in NYC who does not know what that is, go to your local Sophie's and order the pernil.  The green sauce is on the tables for dousing your food.  Do it now.

The spread for tacos.  Green sauce in the middle, beer on the right.
Bring on summer and bring on the kingies!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Mountains Horseback Riding

Big Red, contemplating kicking Amy's horse
This past weekend we celebrated our friend Debs' birthday by going up to the Blue Mountains where we went horseback riding and stayed over at a ranch.

It was a beautiful location and the scenery was amazing.  The weather was a bit testy at times but we persevered onward through wooded trails, onto pastures and eventually reached the crest of a large hill where we could see miles into the mountain ranges.
Ride 'em cowboy

In the woods we saw many packs of kangaroos and wallabies.  They hopped along, checking us out for a while.

My horse, named "Big Red" was overall a violent jerk, repeatedly biting and kicking the other horses.  By the end of the ride, the other people in our group, all mates were actively avoiding me.

Blue Mountains in the distance

The group at the crest of a hill, the view was amazing
Fording a stream

Some trees that had suffered the wrath of God on top of a hill

Amy on the trail

The pack emerges onto the pasture

This behavior thankfully did not extend into the evening when we relaxed around the ranch's guest house and grounds, enjoying a barbecue, campfire, some rugby, and then delicious cupcakes made by Amy.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Go Manly!!!!

This past weekend, our local rugby team, the Manly Sea Eagles won the 2011 Grand Final!!!!

We were on hand at a local pub to watch the game and enjoy the subsequent jubulation and it was AWESOME!!!!!

After the glorious victory (24 points to 10), the crowd could not be contained, the bar rolled out ever "eagle" related song in existence and people were chanting and singing and dancing on tables.  I took some video, below of the crowd in action.

Although we did already have our looting locations scouted out, no rioting broke out.  I guess we will have to wait until Australia wins the Rugby World Cup in a few weeks.