Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surfer's Moon

Last Sunday we were fortunate enough to have clear skies for the supermoon.  While the scientists prefer the term "perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system", I think that we'll stick to supermoon as the much cooler way to refer to it. 

Super Moon!

Before the moon came up, Chris and I took some beers down to rocks in Queenscliff to watch the surfers putting on a show for us.  For several days we'd been having massive waves with the right wind conditions and all of the good surfers in town were definitely taking advantage.  
check out the hoard of people, how are there that may good surfers around??

pretty big waves today

Pondering the best spot to jump

picture doesn't show quite how fast he's zooming along

Queenscliff Bombie, only breaks when the waves are huge

bird has the best vantage point

body boarder pretending he's good enough to be a surfer
Freshwater beach from the cliffs
 After the sun started down we headed over to the other side of the headlands to watch the moon rise over the ocean.
super moon, in pink

super moon in full color

What a great way to wrap up a weekend.

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