Sunday, September 2, 2012

Manly Wins!!!!!

With Manly once again setting themselves up for a run at the grand final, we decided that as good local fans we should check out another home game.  Armed with our newly upgraded camera, we bundled up, cracked open a beer and watched Manly pull in another win.
first picture of the evening
You may not be aware, but there are actually two types of rugby with diferent rules.  One of them, Rugby League is similar to the NFL where you have a set number of "downs" to progress the ball.  This is known as the less sophisticated version of the game, helped along by the presence of cheerleaders. 
not sure if that headlock is legal
Overall it's a pretty brutal game, and players are frequently coming off limping or holding sholders or other joints.  Even though they don't have any pads, that's no excuse not to hit as hard as possible and that take that responsibility very seriously.
This is the ruck - basically each side shoving against the other to try to get the ball

I'll bet they are freezing!

Kicking for an extra point after the try (aka goal/touchdown)



defender hangs his head in shame

good tackle

side pass

looks gentle huh?

completely laid out for the tackle

Is he going to get the try?!

drop kick

Good crowd at the home game - go Manly!

Our crew up on the hill

As the defending champions, Manly once again delivered a convincing win and we'll of course be cheering for them in the post season starting this weekend.


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